My Dissertation vacations seemed to be very dull and lifeless until CollarFolk planned a pet vacation for me with my family. I just thought of going to Coorg and put forward my idea to Jiwan from CollarFolk. To my surprise it was a very prompt coordination from her and her colleague Gregory.  I was very keen to take my pet FRISKY, a 7 year old male Labrador out for a vacation with my family. CollarFolk made it happen for me.

They arranged for a pet friendly vehicle, gave us to choose pet-friendly resorts and there we were in Coorg. We chose THE ROAD’S END, a pet-friendly resort in Coorg where I stayed with my family…myself, my husband, 2 daughters, my 80 year old mommy, my pet and his caretaker.



Believe me it was a very comfortable stay and we thoroughly enjoyed and my pet was in a leash free zone for 3 days, taking leisure strolls, enjoying his friendship with the owner’s dog Skittle and by the end of our stay…we didn’t feel like leaving the resort. The rooms in the resort were very comfortable, staff very courteous and the credit for our wonderful stay goes to Jiwan and Gregory from CollarFolk. Thank You guys for making my holidays so colourful.

– Anjali