Besides providing a spacious large ground and a variety of cutesy toys for your pets to run about and have a gala time, Nadir’s Ark, Gurgaon also has a pool for dogs! This property in Gurgaon does not only promise a good time for your furry little ones, but also for their owners. The large ground which is open to all, offers a desi seating along with swings where the pet parents can sit back and relax while sipping on some hot coffee. Though the large open space caught our attention when we first entered the property, we sure as hell enjoyed our time soaking in the sun on the moorahs while gorging on their garma garam and filling aloo parathas. Now this is a place where we would suggest you to spend your chilly winter days and even celebrate your pets’ birthdays!

Where : Shivam Farmhouse, Behrampur Village, Main Road, Sector 59, Gurgaon

Days Open : Monday- Sunday

Timings : 7am- 1pm, 4pm- 6pm

Fee Per Dog : Rs. 400

Our Rating : 4/5

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