No pet parent would like the idea of leaving those pet behind when heading for a vacation. Solution? Take them along to double the fun and eliminate the missing game!

Usually, when the word ‘vacation’ comes to mind, people either go for a solo trip, a vacation with friends or with their family. Taking your pet along on a vacation is still considered a major decision and people often prefer not to undertake that risk, leaving their pet all alone behind. A vacation for your dog is as important for their wellbeing as it is for humans. Leaving them behind may make them feel lonely and depressed. To take a break from everyday life and to explore new environments will help your dog de-stress in their own way!


If you think of it, travelling with your pet can be benefitting for you as well. This may include feeling secure when travelling alone, meeting fellow dog lovers in a new city, exploring a new city with your best friend and always being in company of a companion who has no demands! Besides, an unforgettable and relaxing vacation experience for your pet is bound to make them ecstatic not just during the vacation but after as well as nothing would make them happier than exploring new sounds, smells and trails.

Half of the fun on such vacations is during the journey. Therefore, we would suggest travelling by road, either by your own car or by hiring a pet-friendly taxi. Also, for longer journeys, you can travel by the Indian railways.These modes of transport make it more comfortable and fun as your pet travels with you by your side. For details on the travelling by the Indian Railways, you can visit-