‘Holiday With Pets: How Jack Found His Jump’

My family has had dogs for as long as I can remember. Got my first one at the tender age of 10 and life has been beautiful ever since. At the moment we have two boxers, Zara (age 9) and Jack (age 2). Jack had his first vacation with the family, last year in March, […]

“Vacation with your pet” – The concept now in India

Who doesn’t love a good vacation? With some time off, one of the first ideas to pop into our heads is to travel to a relaxing destination nearby and take some time off to rejuvenate ourselves and recover from the monotony of daily urban life. Living in India, we have a variety of destinations to […]

What inspired me to start CollarFolk?

A year ago we welcomed Kiki home – our 3 month old golden retriever girl. Both my husband and I have grown up in homes with dogs and really missed having them around here in Delhi. And so we were thrilled to have this ball of fur as part of the family. The journey of […]