No City For Pet Taxis

Pet friendly cabs, our cities need one We recently moved from Mumbai to Delhi. It was a case of complete relocation and had us planning well in advance. The sale of the family car to movers and packers all were in planners and in place as we neared shifting date. We also had two fully […]

Beach Holiday With Pet: Running Free

I was living in Mumbai for a couple of years in a rented apartment in Juhu. I shared the top floor, one bedroom set with my dog Tarzan, a mix breed, half boxer, half mutt. And might I add he got the best genes from both sides. A big, butch fellow with a lovely brindled […]

Long Weekends In 2016: Go on a Pets Included vacation

Holi + Good Friday weekend – 23rd March (Wednesday)- 27th March (Sunday) Holi falls b(h)ang in the middle of the week. Hurry up, you have just a week to plan it all! You take Thursday off and you have 5 days to escape the onset of summer in Delhi. Foothills of the Himalayas beckon! With […]

Sumo’s First Vacation

It had been 3 years since we had been on vacation.  For a family like ours that was used to two or more holidays a year this was quite a big deal.  Ever since we got our dog, Sumo, life had changed dramatically. After 8 years of not having a dog, Sumo was now our universe and […]