Top 10 Pet-Friendly Nature Retreats!

Let your pet breathe easy in the lap of nature. Experience the quiet and spend some quality time with your pet at these eco-lodges, camp sites and wilderness retreats. To help you plan a vacation with your pet, here are our top 10 picks! Coffee Aroma Resort, Wayanad   Coffe Aroma is a plantation theme […]

Romp And Play With Your Pets At These Pet-friendly Resorts

Do you love running around with your pet, chasing each other, enjoying the great outdoors and can’t bear to be separated from the little one anyhow? Now, you don’t have to leave him behind when you go on vacation. For most of us, our pets are happy little bundles of limitless energy. They love playing […]

Pet Friendly Verification Process

Travelling with your Pet is a concept that’s yet to become mainstream in India. Understandably, for the service providers too (resorts, hotels and other formats) it is uncharted territory. The term “Pet Friendly” tends to be limited to a check-box in a few portals with little or no standardisation and no verification approach. Peace of […]

Luxury Vacations: Pets Allowed!

Enjoy travelling with your pet to these pet friendly holiday destinations. Check out our pick of top 10 boutique resorts where pets are allowed. Now you and your pet can indulge in luxuries of the ‘good life’! #Aamod, Shoghi Shoghi, a tiny piece of paradise tucked away on NH 22, is thirteen kilometres short […]

Top 7 Pet Friendly Beach Resorts

Beaches are the best playgrounds for pets. Watch them run carefree on long stretches of sand and chase waves in delight while you unwind with your book over cocktails, gazing upon the sea. Here are some pet friendly holiday destinations that will create unforgettable memories for you and your pet. Choose from these top 7 […]

All Is Love

These are the Adventures of KiKi – our four month old golden retriever with whom we have begun this wonderful journey of traveling together. Adventures filled with laughter, new friends, long walks, leisurely swims, play time, lots to eat…and a whole lot of love!

Pet-Friendly Resorts And Hotels That Have Vast Open Spaces

Don’t all of us agree that pets are hyper active, unstoppable and full of energy companions of ours? Just like us they’d also feel claustrophobic when bounded within four walls all their lives. A break from their monotonous lifestyle and taking them on vacation to pet-friendly hotels and resorts with vast open spaces to run […]

8 Pet-Friendly Holidays To Take This Summer In India

1. The Lake Resort Just a 300 km drive from Delhi is The Lake Resort lost within acres of Oak Forest in the central Himalayas nestled quietly in Kumaon Hills of Uttarakhand. This resort is situated at 4320ft above sea level. Home to more than 135 species of Birds, making it a bird watcher’s paradise. […]

Pet-Friendly Resorts And Hotels That Have Vet On Call?

You’re vacationing with your pet and you’re anxious that maybe he won’t get acclimatized to the new place or there’s a case of food poisoning which is common to all of us there is no need to worry! We bring you a collection of pet-friendly hotels and resorts across India which have a vet on […]

7 Reasons Why Vacationing With Your Pet Is A Great Idea

Do you know that the little canine in your family actually eavesdrops every time anyone wishes you, “Bon Voyage!”? Well, believe it or not, but he desires to go on a vacation as much as you do. Prep up to accompany him on your next vacation and you’ll see your bond grow many notches higher […]