It’s your vacation too! Get a pet sitter, while you enjoy the sights and sounds.

When you are holidaying with your pet, there could be few activities which you want to do that may not be possible for your pet. This shouldn’t restrict your holiday, because we at CollarFolk assure that your getaway with your pet is in no manner anything other than fun and memorable. So how do we […]

Stuck at the resort ? No worries! We will find you a pet friendly cab for excursions around.

The biggest concern when you travel with your pet is how to move around the holiday destination, especially when you don’t have your car around. Booking with Collarfolk helps you eliminate this difficulty of commuting. We help you plan a vacation which is unrestrained. You can take adventurous rides and visit remote locations as CollarFolk […]

What’s stopping you from taking that trip with your pet?

The perfect holiday with your pet means leaving him off leash, so he can bound freely. But what happens when your pet is not welcoming of strangers and other pets? Does this come in the way of your planning a holiday together? All you need to do is share your requirements with your Holiday Manager […]

Away from home needn’t mean away from the comforts of home cooked food. Definitely not for your pet.

Good service levels are critical when you travel. CollarFolk strives to provide you with a standardised offer of basic amenities keeping your pet in mind. Standardised pet meals top the list, so any holiday, at any resort, in any corner of the country will include these standard pet meals when you book with CollarFolk. Pet […]

Because a perfect holiday shouldn’t make you anxious!

Traveling with your pet comes with its set of uncertainties, especially if it’s a first. Your CollarFolk holiday manager steps in to alleviate these uncertainties and ensure your vacation is hassle free. This is not a call centre where you are directed to different agents each time and need to elaborate on your request repeatedly. […]

It doesn’t end with just booking your Vacation. It starts from here!

Plan a vacation with your pet. CollarFolk will travel with you to make it a joyous one. While you are on a vacation with your pet, CollarFolk can help you with these services: HOLIDAY MANAGER Not a call centre service where every time you call you speak to a new agent and repeat the entire […]

Canoeing with Thor!

With temperatures soaring in the Capital, Thor and I decided to head to the hills to beat the heat and enjoy some space and solitude. With the help of CollarFolk we found this nice little home stay in the midst of hills and greenery and within driving distance from Delhi. Here we were on the […]

Canoe with your pet at Sattal lake!

From canoeing with your pet to letting him swim all by himself in the Sattal Lake, Collarfolk will help you experience all! With verdant mountains all around, canoeing with your pet in the vast Sattal Lake will be a novel and different experience! Best time to visit The best time to Canoe with your pet […]

5 Signs that show your dog needs a break too!

You worked all these months without a break, every inch of your body wants a break from this everyday monotonous routine. The idea of a summer getaway is irresistible. Does your dog feel the same way? Look out for signs that indicate that your dog needs to escape the heat too! Lethargy   Excessive sleeping, […]