Kiki Curates: N&D – A Nutritional system for Pets

Category: Product N&D – Natural and Delicious is Nutritional and natural diet for your pet. Available in two different types – Grain Free and Low Ancestral Grain. It’s an optimal nutrition system that reproduces a natural diet. The food contains low glycemic load and index, low carbohydrate, high protein sources, balanced vitamins and minerals and […]

15 Reasons Golden Retrievers Are The Worst Indoor Dog Breeds Of All Time

They are energetic. Seldom stay at home. Ever willing to go for an outing. Here is an interesting blog we found on BuzzSharer about them! 1. They’re only using you. 2. Can’t I be any more clear? 3. They’re using you to have a roof over their heads. 4. They pretend to be cute… 5. …but really, deep down inside, […]

Pets that totally look like celebrities!

It’s so interesting and funny that we find look-alikes among the celebrities that resemble the pets. Have a look at the look-alikes. So great is the nature’s facial design! 1. Vladimir Putin look-alike 2. Adolf Hitler look-alike 3. Samuel L. Jackson look-alike 4. Snoop Dogg look-alike 5. Ron Perlman look-alike 6. Harrison Ford look-alike 7. John Travolta look-alike 8.  Peyton Manning look-alike

Kiki Curates: Happy Pettings Rendezvous 2

Event: Happy Pettings Rendezvous 2 Organised by: Happy Pettings It’s time to get ready to run around with your paw-pals on the occasion of a Happy Pettings Rendezvous-2. It is their second edition, and they promise it to be bigger and better. Enjoy the scenario of a double sized pool, have double fun and see […]

Tips for a happy holiday with your pet! – Rashee Kuchroo (Doggie Dabbas)

In Conversation with the Expert! Rashee Kuchroo, founder of Doggie Dabbas shares some tips for a holiday with your pet. Here are her recommendations: 1. For long car journeys feed your dog small light meals. Preferably curd and nothing heavy before you start your journey. 2. Make sure you have anti-anxiety & motion sickness meds. […]

And this is what Kiki means! Best of Kiki’s Quips.

Kiki is so expressive. So Kiki quips. The look, the light bark, wagging the tail and what all Kiki does mean something. Some of it may be casual and some may be to draw your attention. Give a heed to Kiki’s quip so you can understand Kiki well, as Kiki understands you! A few of […]

Man’s best friend – illustrations that justify the term!

They do know what you feel. They behave on par with the standard of your mood. That’s why dogs make good pets. Dogs really do deserve the title of ‘man’s best friend’. They are loyal, intelligent, devoted, affectionate and also emotional, when you want them to be! Dogs are known to improve our physical and […]

Camping at Big Red tent at Mahuli

A true jungle boy, Wayne has spent all his life with a connect to nature. Tall and lanky he is quick to dive into the river in his backyard. He has a natural feel for angling and if you’re lucky you could join him for spear fishing wading in waist deep water! Wayne is friendly, […]

Kiki Curates: KONG Dog Toys

Category: Product Made of durable rubber, KONG helps to keep your pet’s teeth clean and jaws strong. KONG is designed for multiple purpose. It also acts as a prevention for dog’s who are into destructive chewing. It is an ideal product, apt for your pet to have a reasonably nice and interesting stretch of time. […]

How to make your dog a happy traveller!

Travelling makes you happy. With your pet aside, it makes the journey more enthusiastic and interesting. You want your pet feel as you do, isn’t it? Here are the tips that make your travel wonderful and memorable! Credits: Ford Vehicles