Why this dog breed is known as ‘Saint Bernard’? Here’s an interesting story.

Needless to say, dogs make the best pets. There are so many varieties to define the class and breed but a pet is a pet.  Be it a tiny or midsized or big, every kind of dog has its own beauty and forte. Saint Bernards are one of the big and majestic looking dogs. Why […]

Kiki Curates: Dogkart

Category: Website Here’s why Dogkart is so super awesome!! Dogkart stands out to give you the best. They know what to sell because they use it for their own pets. As pet owners themselves, they understand your requirement like no one else does in the Indian market. Their aim is to offer products of best […]

Skijoring – The Coolest Winter Dog Sport

Most people have heard of dog sledding, but skijoring is a winter dog sport that isn’t as widely known. As described by The Midwest Skijorers Club, “Skijoring is a winter sport which combines cross-country skiing with dog power. The skier skis while the dog pulls and takes voice commands. The skier is attached to their […]

Vivian, a Dachshund was made as big as she thinks she is!

Mitch Boyer, a visual artist started photoshopping images of his pet, a Dachshund Vivian in her ‘true size’ – larger than life personality.  Boyer has brought Vivian home when she was a newborn puppy. The duo moved all over the US together and settled in Brooklyn. Boyer and Vivian love it here and the pet […]

Dogs met just by chance, inseparable now!

Look at these inseparable dogs – so loving and compassionate to each other. They cuddle, caress, play, hug, give pose and never leave each other’s company. Before getting adopted, they didn’t know each other, and now, they can’t imagine a life apart. Found this wonderful video on The Dodo! Video Credits: The Dodo  

Kiki Curates: Ruffwear Roamer Leash

Category: Product Ruffwear Roamer – a stretch webbing leash that can be hand-held or waist worn and its extending. Its wavelength webbing allows the leash to stretch as dogs roam. Ergonomically designed Talon Clip is strong and secure with adjustable paddled handle with aluminum Talon hook and loop for pickup bags. The traffic handle offers […]

A trek to Chopta with Kiki and Thor!

One day before the trek there was frantic activity at home. This was no regular holiday, but only us humans sensed that. For Thor and Kiki it was just a lot of activity and bags in the hallway they could run around and flop onto. We were to head out early next morning to our […]

A colourful holiday with Frisky!

My Dissertation vacations seemed to be very dull and lifeless until CollarFolk planned a pet vacation for me with my family. I just thought of going to Coorg and put forward my idea to Jiwan from CollarFolk. To my surprise it was a very prompt coordination from her and her colleague Gregory.  I was very […]

Dog of the town! Bruno walks 4 miles to Longville every day to meet his human friends and crowned as the town’s Ambassador!

Bruno lives in Minnesota, USA. A dog found as a stray and adopted by a loving family. Bruno is special. He likes to wander, not here and there but he makes it a point to take a long walk – 4 miles across Longville just to visit the residents. Surprising isn’t it? That makes him […]

Kiki Curates: Indian Railways!

Here’s why we love the Indian Railways: – Pets can travel with their family in the AC 1st class coupe. Travel tip: book 4 confirmed tickets to ensure you are allotted a coupe and you have nothing to worry about – It’s easy on the pocket – much cheaper than air travel or hiring a […]