30 super easy Pet Training Tips!

You want your pet to be your way and it’s the same with your pet. There are so many different methods on how to train dogs. Psychologists and professional dog trainers say that positive reinforcement training is the best way to make you and your pet understand each other. This chart will show you the […]

You won’t believe what this dog does in airport.

He chases the birds and pests off the runways at an Airport in Michigan. With special mutt muffs and goggles to protect, he does an excellent job. Everyone of the Airport team is impressed by his dedication and focus as though he is made for the job. Here’s the video that shows K9 PIPER at […]

World For All Presents Adoptathon 2016

The grand event for adopting pets-happening in Mumbai Larger than ever before! Be a part of this cheerful event where more than 150 adorable looking, healthy Indian Puppies and Kittens look forward to greet you with unconditional love and affection. One or more of those pets are ready to be adopted by you and move […]

20 Funny Images of Dogs who do not know the meaning of ‘Personal Space’

More than us, dogs get socialised, especially with their families. We care, love, hug and fondle our pets. They show their love in their own way, a little excessively at times. What if they follow the saying ‘if you love somebody, show it‘ sincerely? Here’s a collection of images of 20 dogs who don’t know […]

Top 10 Pet Friendly Beach Resorts near Mumbai and Bangalore

Beaches are the best playgrounds for pets. Watch them run carefree on long stretches of sand and chase waves in delight while you unwind with your book over cocktails, gazing upon the sea. Here are some pet friendly beach hotels that will create unforgettable memories for you and your pet. Choose from these top 10 […]

Interesting X-mas ad on Trampoline #BusterTheBoxer

Bridget loves to bounce. Her mom and dad buy her a trampoline for Christmas. When the little Bridget is all set to spring up and enjoy, she finds #BusterTheBoxer already on it, jumping in joy! Video Credits: John Lewis  

Fun things to do with your dog in winter!

Hide and Seek in the Fog Early mornings and late evenings mean being engulfed in thick fog. Give the old hide and seek a new twist by letting the fog up the difficulty levels. Head to any enclosed park with your doggy, throw a ball and hide!! Let them do some good nose work to […]

Alicja Zmystowska captures images of her pets at the Lavender Gardens in Poland!

Alicja Zmystowska took her friends and pets to Lavender Garden in Poland just to have fun and she captured the pure joy of her pets amid those fragrant and vibrant flowers. It was a great time for her and her pets. Just have a look at those photographs.   Advertisement    

Top 10 Winter dog breeds

Winter is fast approaching and there are plenty of ways to celebrate this season. Venture out into the cold with your canine friend for an adventurous experience. Snowshoeing, Cross-country skiing on pet-friendly  trails or the popular sport of skijoring you name it, these 10 dog breeds are equipped with natural thick double coats, extra layers of […]

Top 10 pet-friendly winter resorts in India!

Winter is approaching. You’re sure to have plans of vacationing with your family. Here’s how you make it more exciting. Include your pet in the trip!   Have a glance over the Top 10 pet-friendly winter resorts to enjoy with your family and pet. Jungle Camp off Nainital  Situated on the Ayarpatta Hill at Mallital, […]