Anti-poaching dogs take to the skies.

These South African dogs stand to their names. See how Arrow and Giant get to work with armed rangers and stop poachers and stand a great challenge to the criminal networks! Credits: BBC News

Things you should NOT do while walking your Pet!

It may sound simple, you leash your pet and you take him for a walk. But you may be surprised at how many people end up injuring themselves while walking their pet. In fact, the Journal of Safety Research shows that dogs and cats contribute to injuries that send an estimated 87,000 people to emergency rooms every […]

Watch how Stink goes berserk and funny, full of joy and excitement.

Pets love the loveliness and vastness of the beaches. Plan now and take your pet to one of these wonderful pet-friendly beach resorts. It’s All-Fun Ahead! Video Credits: Sniff & Barkens

A Café in Greece welcomes stray dogs to sleep in at night!

The heights of generosity, down to earth, practically! Warmth in the heart makes it warmth all around… Hott Spott Care on the island of Lesbos, Greece is applauded for its generous move, and it’s really moving. Each night, when the bar closes its doors after calling it a day for business, it welcomes stray dogs […]

5 tips to keep your dogs warm this winter!

After spending any amount of time outside in the ‘oh so brrrrrrr weather’ we feel like running back home, putting on our warmest pyjamas and sipping on some hot chocolate. But what about your dog? Here’s a few tips to keep warm the cockles of your doggy’s heart! Dress right Depending on the breed and […]

Pet cancer is real. Let’s know about canine cancer.

November was the National Pet Cancer Awareness Month. Let’s spare some time to care about the pets that are in love with us. The National Canine Cancer Foundation declares that every 1 in 3 dogs develop cancer in their lifetime. We should be aware of certain points to minimise the hazard of cancer that affect […]

A Photographer Takes Stunning Photos Of Pets As They Age.

As dogs get older, their hearts get golden! Amanda Jones is a photographer and also an ardent pet lover. She wanted to demonstrate to everyone that a pet’s love is timeless. So, she photographed and followed the lives of 30 pets as they aged from ‘months old’ to ‘years old’. Her photos serve as a […]

Kiki Curates: Pet Fed – Delhi 2016. The Grand Pet fest is back!

India’s biggest pet festival is back in Delhi! And this year, they are set to break a Guinness World Record for most no. of dogs wearing bandanas! Cute, isn’t it? The event organised by Pet Fed is happening on 17th and 18th of December 2016 between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. at the pet-friendly, 4 […]