How to train with your pet for the Challenge!

For all those who have registered or are contemplating joining this fun and thrilling race, I commend you for your dedication and love and empathy towards your pet ! I am personally quite impressed with the way the event has been organised by the CollarFolk team  and fairly certain it will be extremely safe and […]

This pet’s unusual act makes this wedding so memorable!

Sultan was as excited as Mansi for the big day. Dressed in his fabulous maroon shervani, he was ready to walk this beautiful Indian bride down the aisle. What no one knew is that he was in no mood to give the bride away and much to the surprise and delight of the family, he […]

Aquaterra Challenge

Inside Scoop: CF Aquaterra Challenge with Pets

Getting There Off we went with Thor who was kind enough volunteer to run the race. In return we felicitated him for coming first! While we set out the estimated time was 4 hours plus. It is safe to assume a 6 hours’ drive with one long pit stop. We identified a pitstop point ~73 […]

Three Adventure Essentials – Ruffwear!

Having the right gear – whether it’s sturdy boots, a properly fitting pack, or comfortable clothing – can make or break an adventure. But choosing the right gear isn’t always easy. There are so many options that it can even feel overwhelming at times. We spend hours researching, asking friends for advice and trying on […]