6 mistakes to avoid while raising your pet

While bonding with your pet is undoubtedly necessary and pleasurable, you have to bear in mind that the traits that distinguish their species from ours. Your pet looks to you for guidance and so you must ensure that you send the right signals to your pet. Read the insightful article by Dr Karen Becker on […]

Why do dogs lick humans?

Wordless but eloquent, your pet dog communicates multiple messages through just one single gesture: Licking. Read this interesting article by CureJoy, about how Pets bond with humans. Quite often, when you return home, the first warm welcome you receive is from your pet dog. From whining to jumping to licking, they go all out to […]

Expert cat teaches novice kitten all about adventure!

Here’s a heartwarming story of how Fish – a cat became the perfect pet to his parents and how it coached his cute kitten – Chips as its adventure companion. Credits: The Dodo