The “Indie” scene of India

Indies are an ubiquitous presence in our country. Every street hosts these fashionistas donning their coats in every colour and pattern imaginable. Some view them as companions with grit and determination, others view them as a nuisance. While there’s still a lot to be done in terms of how society views them, more and more […]

Seven Pet-Friendly properties you absolutely have to visit this summer

With the Thermometer climbing steadily, you find yourself in a hurry to find a spot with some shade. Meanwhile your pet is panting away to a point where they can swim in their own drool. While Global warming may have taken away the comfort from several cities in India, there are some places that are […]

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Kids, Pets and the Mayhem of Summer Vacations : An Indian Mom’s Tale

Dear Diary, This is really getting out of hand now. This day was even worse than yesterday. I felt like I would get a break from my morning duties since the kids are now home, but it’s a NIGHTMARE. Let me give you a glimpse of what today was like. So I woke up at […]