Active Dogs are Healthy Dogs ! On long days at work on unfavourable weather your pet is usually indoors for long hours. Let that not come in the way of essential ‘play time’ that your dog is likely to look forward to.

Here are some of my favourite picks from my ‘play time’ with Kiki when indoors:

Hide and Seek


Hide and seek comes very naturally to dogs almost instinctively. Go ahead, throw their toy and quickly go hide while they fetch it. It’s super fun to peek out and see your pet running from room to room sometimes nose to the ground on a mission to find you. Oh and when he/she does find you, be prepared for a greeting as if you have not been around the entire day. I’m usually able to keep up to her energy levels for 30 minutes and it’s just about enough to get her panting and happy to take a breather.

Tug of War


Most dogs tend to chew their toys up and run the risk of ingesting it. A relatively safer alternative (other than ingestion harmless toys) are rope toys(plastic free). If you too favour rope toys, tug of war is the game to play. There’s a reason there’s ‘war’ in the name. Beware, likely that you will tire before your dog does. Enjoy him clinging on and watch him come and drop it at your feet when you look away disinterested.

The good ‘ol fetch


This one comes with ‘conditions apply’. The first being you have a relatively long straight stretch indoors with next to no obstacles. Second, your dog does not have a clumsy tail like mine does, which brings down anything that is three feet to the left or right of the ‘fetch’ path. And last but not the least, your dog understands ‘drop it’!. Well if you have these three covered, then this is the easiest game in the world. Watch TV, even work on your laptop and let your baby run up and down to fetch her toys.

Find the Treats


This is an interesting alternative to the more popular games and is quite simple too. Hide your dogs favourite treats or toys and let her sniff it out. I had to initially place the toy in plain sight at a distance for Kiki to get the idea, but once she got the hang of it, I took up the difficulty level. There is a sense of wonder in watching them get better at it by relying on their sense of smell. Its also a great idea to make them use more than just visual cues and hone their natural smelling skills.

Doggie Play Dates


Enjoy a hot mug of coffee with a friend on a rainy day and ask her to bring her dog along. There are no rules to this one. We chat and laugh and gossip and laugh more, while the doggies have a whale of a time. Just one thing to keep in mind, if this is a first, then watch the dogs closely to make sure they are getting along and comfortable.