You worked all these months without a break, every inch of your body wants a break from this everyday monotonous routine. The idea of a summer getaway is irresistible.

Does your dog feel the same way?

Look out for signs that indicate that your dog needs to escape the heat too!




Excessive sleeping, laziness or refusal to move around as much can be a sign that your dog needs a vacation, all he wants is some fun away from the heat!

Trying to find cool patches with water 



 Do you find your dog sprawled wherever she finds any water? She’s probably trying to keep herself cool! It’s time you whisk her away to the cool breeze of the mountains.

Increased Panting



Dogs feel hotter than humans because their body temperature is higher than that of humans. Also, dogs don’t sweat, they pant. So, as soon as you notice that your dog is panting more than the usual, it is advisable you help him by taking him to a cool place to relax.

Sudden Aggression



One possible reason for sudden increase in aggression can be lack of adequate exercise, which a dog may avoid because of the heat or the busy streets of the town. Exercise is imperative for burning excess energy in order to maintain a healthy state of mind. So, if a Dog is taken at a place where he can playfully burn his energy, chances are that he turns out to be less aggressive.

High Anxiety



The separation anxiety and the confinement anxiety are the most common types of anxiety a dog faces. In separation anxiety a dog gets anxious when left alone, so it’s always better to take your pet along whenever you leave for a vacation. Coming to the confinement anxiety, your dog will always get uncomfortable when he is feeling trapped or confined especially during summers. So, whenever you realise that your pooch is getting more anxious and irritable during the summers, pack your bags and help him with a little bit of change of weather.

This summer, CollarFolk helps you plan a vacation with your pet. Pack you bags and have the time of your lives!

Happy holidaying!