After spending any amount of time outside in the ‘oh so brrrrrrr weather’ we feel like running back home, putting on our warmest pyjamas and sipping on some hot chocolate. But what about your dog? Here’s a few tips to keep warm the cockles of your doggy’s heart!

Dress right


Depending on the breed and length of coat, keep your dog warm with jackets, sweaters and boots when they step out. Some short coat breeds may also feel happier with lighter sweaters when indoors.

Bring out those Rugs


Most of the homes in India have marble or stone flooring, which can get quite cold in the winter (remember the feeling when you step out of your cozy bed in the morning and land on that marble floor?). Now imagine the plight of your dogs! Adding some rugs and carpets at your pets favourite spots around the house will ensure they stay warm and comfortable.



Be generous with food


Dogs use up more calories to keep themselves warm in the winter, especially if they spend considerable time outside. So be generous with the servings:)

Wipe those paws


Make sure you wipe down their paws after a walk, because if your dogs find every pool of slush and water as exciting as mine do, then not only should you worry about paw marks in the house but also your dog staying cold through the day.

Indulge them


Add on some extra belly rubs and treats because nothing warms their heart more than those hugs and yummy treats 🙂