Do you know that the little canine in your family actually eavesdrops every time anyone wishes you, “Bon Voyage!”? Well, believe it or not, but he desires to go on a vacation as much as you do. Prep up to accompany him on your next vacation and you’ll see your bond grow many notches higher amidst the adorable picturesque locales.

Let not your inner-conscious vacillate or grapple with any guilt. Get a low-down on the most impressive reasons that justify why pets are a good to accompany during vacations.

1. Never leave your family behind

Neither you nor they like to leave each other’s company! Isn’t it? Take their interests into consideration and you will learn that they are quite adventurous too. Most of the times, the pets are unable to cope with the separation from their owners even if it’s for a day or two. So, how about sparing them of the horror and take them on an amazing holiday?


Attention Seekers

2. You are their best care takers, come what may!

Way too often, when you leave for your office, just a turnaround and all you see is their teary eyes. Their anxiousness crosses bounds when you leave them on their own. A pet-sitter is not what they wish for, but the owner by whose side they tend to feel safer than anywhere else. Moreover, if you are on a trip, their worry will keep haunting you for the rest of your vacation. Well, all you need to do is talk to your veterinarian, pack along all the essentials for your pet for the trip and voila! Off you can go wherever you want!


Always by your side

3. Heard of pet therapy?

Pets are otherwise known as man’s best friend. True to this fact, many of the medical institutions have introduced pet therapy for the patients with mental illness and other chronic disease survivors in order to reduce pain, anxiety and depression. Now, if you are a pet owner then you must have felt all the positive vibes around you even when you have hit the lowest point in your life; that’s your fluffy one’s aura! So, taking them on a holiday will be a much better option if you would want to live a vibrant experience altogether. Not sure if apple helps but a pet session a day certainly keeps the doctor away.


Healers of everything

4. You feel safe and sound when they are around

The most endearing quality of pets is their ability of sensing the uncanny activities. You will be able to see the unforeseeable things through their eyes as they will act as your personal security guards. So, while you are with them, you will be safe from all the threats in the wild or wherever you plan your trip for. Their exceptional noise and keen hearing are the best weapons they have got and all they will need in return of providing you protection is flopping over while you gently rub their belly


I am there for you

5. Let your bond be stronger than ever

The tale of your love and brain chemistry with your pet is the one which you create with the best of the moments. Simply gazing into their eyes creates a bond that is similar to what a child feels when his mother holds him. This bond gets stronger when you let your pets have their freedom while rejoicing in an open territory, leaping and fumbling for as long as they desire.


Stronger than ever

6. Give them a break

Even they love to break the monotony of their daily routine as much as you do.  So, believe us, if you are bringing your pet to your trip then you both together are going to get one of the finest rejuvenating times of your life.


Happy vacationing

7. They are nature-loving

They love to hear birds chirping, admire sunset beauty, watch the mountains with snow-caps and relax on beaches. All in all, their love for nature is certainly high as much as yours, we believe.


One with nature

Still wondering, whether to take your little one with you on a holiday or not? Fret not! It’s possible with CollarFolk, just get all the quintessential along and carefully assess the temperament of your pet before taking a final call. Hardly, you will have to worry about anything as adventure excites them as much as it does to you.