The heights of generosity, down to earth, practically!

Warmth in the heart makes it warmth all around…

Hott Spott Care on the island of Lesbos, Greece is applauded for its generous move, and it’s really moving. Each night, when the bar closes its doors after calling it a day for business, it welcomes stray dogs to enter in and sleep peacefully.

Here’s the information that’s inspiring!

The island of Lesbos’s solidarity towards humans and animals is remarkable! In 2015 alone, they allowed more than 700.000 refugees from Syria and other Middle East countries to enter Europe.

Though Greek law requires municipalities to deal with the problem of stray animals, the law is most often ignored. The Greek debt crisis has further put animal welfare on the fringe.

Thankfully animal welfare groups along with caring individuals are adopting and caring for abused/abandoned animals at their own expense.

We hope the kindness shown by this cafe catches on further!

Credits: Dog With Blog
Picture courtesy: Efstratios Papanis