Here’s a wonderful story by Vipul Agarhari. Vipul had promised his eldest dog ‘Happy’ a trip to Ladakh, many years passed, plans fizzled out, up until 2017 – when they finally packed their bags and took off with Happy and Gugu!

Here’s some serious inspiration for all pet families out there!


Leh/Ladakh is not a destination, it’s the journey which one would find the most memorable once they start the ignition of the vehicle. The stress of driving is nothing when the you get the first glimpse of Pangong lake. Here’s our journey with Happy and Guggu, missed our baby Breezer who’s no longer with us to complete the trio.


Even at such high altitude and at -2 degrees temperature both their furry friends enjoyed themselves and were running around, jumping and having the time of their lives.


They traveled in their own car. They customized their car by removing the middle seat to make it more spacious so that their dogs could get enough space to travel in comfort.



Moments they will all cherish for a lifetime 🙂