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About Us

"Life is about the choices we make." How many times have we heard this before? One would like to believe that choices and the power to choose are empowering. But not all..

How do you choose between sleeping in on a Sunday morning vs a big scrumptious breakfast with the family, between your diet plan and the most decadent Irish cream cheese cake in front of you, between that important presentation at work and your best buddys birthday celebration? You get the idea..

CollarFolk was born out of the need to eliminate one such choice -– to step out of town for a fun break vs staying in and spending time with Kiki -– our 5-month-old golden retriever. And we decided, we want to do both. So we packed our bags and took off on a road trip that still continues..

There are many such choices that we want to eliminate. Pet Friendly Holidays is just the start...

Vacations with pets. Cab Services.

We know how stressful it can get to plan a holiday with your pet. Hey, we have felt it on occasion.

We are built to be your one-stop solution to everything you need and want to know as you plan and book such a vacation. In a world that presents an overload of information, we cut to the chase and bring to you what is relevant, appropriate and worthy of calling a “vacation”.

Properties we partner with - We hand-pick properties that welcome your pet aboard. We individually meet and verify their property and in some cases even hand-hold them in getting them pet-ready.

Pet Policy & Related Amenities – The devil is in the detail and it is precisely this that determines whether you relax and put your feet up as you watch your pet frolic or hang on to him/her wishing you never left home.

Reviews – There are reviews and then there are reviews. Firstly we allow reviews to feature on the basis of their relevance as well as their authenticity. We will also look to facilitate resolution of concerns raised in the reviews. These reviews, by pets and their parents, are meant for you and your pet. Reliable first-hand information will be only a click away.

It is no secret that all of us look to directly speak to the hotel or property when we book holidays for ourselves. The two main reasons are likely an attempt to wangle a better tariff and a shot at peace of mind in knowing that the place exists and there is actually someone at the other end of the phone number listed on the travel site.

Being consumers ourselves, we recognize this and have tried to solve this additional hassle by bringing the resort closer to you. We work closely with our listed properties/hosts to ensure that rates offered on CollarFolk do not differ from the rates offered on the hotel's website except for charges, if any, for the pet.

Booking with us means:
  • Service delivery as per the listed amenities & pet policy on the property’s profile page
  • Flexible cancellation/refund policy
  • Vet on call
  • Pet-friendly transportation
  • Dispute settlement support if any with the property
  • Emergency assistance & 24-hour helpline

You may not have a car available at the time, or not have the inclination to drive for a long distance – whatever the reason may be, finding a pet-friendly taxi, let alone a reliable taxi service, is near impossible.

CollarFolk has transportation partners who are reliable, pet-friendly and cooperative. Attention lies in the details and your pet-friendly car is therefore appropriately equipped with a pet hammock that makes travel hygienic and comfortable, a rear-seat barrier – in case your pet likes his/her own space and portable water and food bowls.

Welcome to CollarFolk

We couldn't be more excited to have you here. We'll keep you updated on the latest pet friendly rooms , resort and adventure activities.
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