The alarm rang, my friend, the alpha male in my house merely stirred.  Though the bed was cozy, I woke up, nuzzled his face with my cold wet muzzle. What are friends for, even if they are referred to as pets by visitors?

After his short tug at my ear and a weak “good boy”, I knew I had to get the home team going.  I did that with alacrity and my swishing tail came in handy in tickling faces.  My family loves me and I am always a part of every activity, even if my agreement or dissent is often confusing to them.

With all my human family attempting to pack the car I marked the tyres of nearby cars to ensure that our space on this street is well marked/ defined.  We set off in the cold morning and I said my goodbyes to Fido and Karma rather loudly. As always, this was thought as quite unnecessary by the neighbours.

Time flew as it always does, when in good company and we were in the hills when I woke up. The chirping of birds, the clean air, the sudden absence of phones ringing, no sounds of traffic/ horns was wonderful and I put up my nose in the air to sniff the myriad of scents.

Once on our patch of hill, I was allowed to romp up and down the grassy knolls, chase the beautifully coloured birds, say Hi to my hill cousins Jackson and Bhuri . As always they hadn’t felt water on their fur since long and were quite amused at my city ways.  Even their dialect was different and before you could say Tommy, my strange tongue had echoed amongst the hills and there were innumerable enquiries from all around. The hills were indeed alive with the sound of my music.

The next several days passed in a blur of long hikes, dips in the nearby lake, sitting by the camp fire and rolling on the grass without any fear of being reprimanded or shooed away.

As with all good things, our short vacation got over and we had to return to the city. I kept my head out of the window and gazed at the fading hills as my friend crooned “suhana safar aur yeh mausam haseen”