Cafes In Bangalore That Happily Welcomes Dogs!

Bangaloreans, get ready to head to these amazing eateries and breweries around that welcomes humans along with their pets! These cafes are not just ideal for you and your four legged friend to hangout and create some great new memories but also offer some delish grub to satiate your hunger! Rasta Cafe This pet- friendly […]

Have You Been To These Pet Friendly Cafes In Mumbai?

If you are looking for cafes where you can take your four legged friend along, then you’re at the right place! Here are some cafes in Mumbai that happily welcome pets! The Bagel Shop From yummy bagels to healthy salads, this place has it all! Go to the Bagel Shop with your pet and enjoy […]

Scenic Locations + Your Pet + Selfie = Perfect!

We bet that you have already been to these historical and scenic locations in Delhi, but not with your pet. So why not visit these with your pet and while you’re at it, capture these moments in a perfect selfie with these picturesque beauties in the background! Qutub Minar Apart from being a UNESCO World […]

When CollarFolk Visited Nadir’s Ark At Gurgaon!

Besides providing a spacious large ground and a variety of cutesy toys for your pets to run about and have a gala time, Nadir’s Ark, Gurgaon also has a pool for dogs! This property in Gurgaon does not only promise a good time for your furry little ones, but also for their owners. The large […]

A List Of Our Handpicked Pet Friendly Cafes Around Delhi!

If you resist the idea of leaving those puppy dog eyes behind every time you head out for lunch, these cafes have come to the rescue! These cafes not only serve sinful delicacies for the pet parents, but special treats and dishes for your furry ones as well! Besides offering a menu for dogs, an […]

A pet lover’s road trip to Leh-ladakh featuring “Happy” and “Guggu”

Here’s a wonderful story by Vipul Agarhari. Vipul had promised his eldest dog ‘Happy’ a trip to Ladakh, many years passed, plans fizzled out, up until 2017 – when they finally packed their bags and took off with Happy and Gugu! Here’s some serious inspiration for all pet families out there! Leh/Ladakh is not a […]

Checklist for a pet-friendly holiday

As the holiday season arrives, pet parents will take to the roads and skies for a pet-friendly holiday. Yes, some fantastic, full of adventure pet-friendly holidays! Here’s a small list of things one needs to remember when traveling with your pet. 1. Clear your travel plan with the Vet Let your vet know of your […]

Pet Friendly Holidays? Here’s Why!

Do you know that the little canine in your family actually eavesdrops every time anyone wishes you, “Bon Voyage!”? Well, believe it or not, but he desires to go on a vacation as much as you do. Prep up to accompany him on your next pet –friendly vacation and you’ll see your bond grow many […]

The King (of Pet friendly Homestays) in the North

The concept of Pet Friendly Vacations in India is still unchartered territory in the minds of people. While a lot of pet parents are opening up to the idea, a lot of hotels are still reluctant to do so. The first image that pops up in their mind is a dog that will be a […]

The “Indie” scene of India

Indies are an ubiquitous presence in our country. Every street hosts these fashionistas donning their coats in every colour and pattern imaginable. Some view them as companions with grit and determination, others view them as a nuisance. While there’s still a lot to be done in terms of how society views them, more and more […]