Bark in the hills – A vacation in nainital from the pets eyes

The alarm rang, my friend, the alpha male in my house merely stirred.  Though the bed was cozy, I woke up, nuzzled his face with my cold wet muzzle. What are friends for, even if they are referred to as pets by visitors? After his short tug at my ear and a weak “good boy”, […]

“Pet Friendly Hotels and Resorts” in India: What do they mean

As we embarked on this journey of setting up CollarFolk – a pet friendly vacation portal (, we were not certain whether we would find a sizable number of pet friendly hotels, resorts and home stay locations worthy of forming an option pool on a portal. Now, having been operational for a while, we’ve been […]


Have you dreamed of running the shore line with Fido while the majestic waves foam at your feet? As far as memory serves me, I have wanted to holiday with my pets at a quaint beach resort – the imagery is vivid, my crazy boxers chasing the waves, peals of laughter while playing catch with them […]

Pet Friendly Vacations

Hoping these pointers will help you plan your next pet vacation better and make the process a little easier. If given a choice you may want to start with the travel planning before you zero in on your destination. The travel: It may come as a surprise to numerous pet families that the train remains […]

Pet Holiday – the concept

On vacation with your pet… Sounds simple, sounds fun, sounds like a good break from routine. Why then, has this not become a common (atleast an annual) theme among families ? The answer lies in the details. Put pen to paper and start planning this seemingly simple pet holiday and you will realise syncing dates […]

Dog Dreams – An ode to my dog and what his dreams are made of…

A Few of Sultan’s favourite things: Raindrops on my nose and them dumb grey pigeons Bright noisy toys and those queer looking kittens Sniffing on all bags that everyone brings These are a few of my favorite things Meat flavored biscuits and toasted bread butter Doorbells and car horns and creating more clutter Wild flies […]

Pet Friendly Holidays – When Traveling with your dog, remember to…

My pet girl dog – Kiki and I have been on many holidays together. Yes, some fantastic, full of adventure pet friendly holidays! Here’s a small list of things to remeber when you are traveling with your dog. It has surely helped me during our travel together.. 1. Spruce up your car a. Your car […]

A train ride with my dog – The Adventures of KiKi

You’ve got to love and hate the Indian Railways. I love them since I can travel with Kiki in the comfort of AC first class, while she is sprawled right next to me, enjoying every bit of the service as well as the overdose of food (the staff is even lenient with extra bread sticks, […]

The PET VACATION in the mountains of India that sent chills down my spine!

It was a long weekend. The kind one not only waits for, but eagerly earmarks in the ‘Planner’. Yes it was a bit ‘Prehistoric time – the omnipresent mobile and android handsets hadn’t made their spectacular entry in our lives yet. Our family had grown. Yes grown beyond normally acceptable norms of the society. But […]