Aquaterra Challenge

Inside Scoop: CF Aquaterra Challenge with Pets

Getting There Off we went with Thor who was kind enough volunteer to run the race. In return we felicitated him for coming first! While we set out the estimated time was 4 hours plus. It is safe to assume a 6 hours’ drive with one long pit stop. We identified a pitstop point ~73 […]

Three Adventure Essentials – Ruffwear!

Having the right gear – whether it’s sturdy boots, a properly fitting pack, or comfortable clothing – can make or break an adventure. But choosing the right gear isn’t always easy. There are so many options that it can even feel overwhelming at times. We spend hours researching, asking friends for advice and trying on […]

Couple does adorable pregnancy shoot with their pets even after being told to stay away from them.

Aditya Raheja and Sanjana Madappa were told to get rid of their pets as Sanjana became pregnant. They were expecting their son Ayan, soon. Sanjana, who works at an animal welfare organization, decided not to betray the lives that depend on her as much as her son does. So, the couple did a photo shoot […]

CollarFolk Aquaterra challenge with pets. Why?

Why the Challenge with Pets – Because our living spaces (housing complex, cities and towns) do not allow us and our pets to share and enjoy the freedom of open and safe spaces with natural elements. With limited open area our pets tend to be indoors for most part and remain yearning for some space […]

Dogs smell and ‘see’ with their noses!

Dogs are known for their sniffing power. They crack unfolded mysteries by capturing any scent the breeze carries. In fact, through the smelling power, dogs experience the world. They sense what’s around in the atmosphere and alert us too! Just watch this video to know how dogs look through their worldly developed nose! Credits: TED-Ed

Jake, the Ski Patrol Dog braves through the snow to rescue skiers.

Jake started getting trained as a ski patrol pup when he was just 10 weeks old. Now he leads the way to rescue skiers who are caught in avalanche. And he has a loyal team of dogs to support in his mission. Watch this video to see how Jake performs when the going gets ruff […]

Animal Lovers protect stray dogs in Istanbul

As the snowfall hit Istanbul a week ago, animal lovers went out of the way to help and protect stray dogs. Some of them allowed the dogs and cats to take shelter in their shop floors and other locals have put out cardboard and food for them. See how the dogs and cats look happy […]

Long Weekends In 2017: Go on a Pets Included vacation!

It’s that time of the year where people make their resolutions and give up, time and again. You’ve listed “Go out on a family vacation” yet again. But each year, you feel overwhelmed because of just how many places you can choose to go to. Between planning the itinerary of your destination to worrying about […]

Naz celebrates Simba’s birthday amidst the Arabian Sea!

Naz wanted to celebrate her pet Simba’s birthday in a different way and so we made a plan. We helped her celebrate Simba’s b’day on a sail from the Gateway of India and the whole experience turned out to be wonderful. Here’s what she had to say, “Thank you CollarFolk for making my Simba’s 2nd […]

Piro, 27-year-old woman travels the world with her pet ‘Odie’!

Marina Piro turns her van into a home and travels the world with her dog, Odie.  See how comfortable and convenient they go around! Here’s a wonderful story shared by Era Tangar in ScoopWhoop. Our travelling dreams consist of a series of elements that sometimes translate into reality and other times, not so much. But, […]