Plan a vacation with your pet. CollarFolk will travel with you to make it a joyous one.

While you are on a vacation with your pet, CollarFolk can help you with these services:


Not a call centre service where every time you call you speak to a new agent and repeat the entire case. At CollarFolk, we ensure end to end assistance via a holiday manager who will be assigned to you at the time of your first call with us and who will be available till you are safely back home.


A vet in need is a boon indeed! Travelling with your pet shouldn’t make you anxious. So in case you need a vet wherever you are traveling, CollarFolk will find you one! All you need to do is call your assigned Holiday Manager and he will provide you with the contact details of the vet, who will be just a short drive from your vacationing resort. Because far from home doesn’t mean far from help.


Stuck at the resort, no worries, we will find you a pet friendly cab for excursions around. Again, just reach out to your holiday manager, step out and hail a pet friendly cab and have a hassle-free holiday with your dog.


How about letting him off the leash to experience his share of freedom? The holiday manager will recommend to you those accommodations which offer private balconies and open spaces for your pet to enjoy.


Food is an integral part of every day, we understand that and ensure your pet gets simple home cooked meals wherever you go with CollarFolk. A standard pet menu is always available at a resort booked through CollarFolk.


There may be that trek to the local mountain temple or adventure sport where your pet cannot accompany you (although we try our best that they do!) But you needn’t worry. CollarFolk helps you find a pet sitter or helper to take care of your pet for short durations. The holiday manager will recommend to you those accommodations which have pet sitters for alternative care of your pet.(this facility is available for house-broken pets only and at the discretion of the service provider basis his/her comfort level with the pet)


Forgot packing his toys, broke a leash? Don’t worry, your list of emergency contacts also includes a pet shop close by. Drive down to pick up whatever you need or request for delivery at the resort. – When you’re taking your pet along!