From canoeing with your pet to letting him swim all by himself in the Sattal Lake, Collarfolk will help you experience all!

With verdant mountains all around, canoeing with your pet in the vast Sattal Lake will be a novel and different experience!

Best time to visit

The best time to Canoe with your pet is around 7 am in summer months.



The Sattal Lake is easily accessible by road.



Life jackets are provided for the human and the pet. Do insist on one.

Another canoe with an instructor will move parallel to your Canoe to ensure safety.



The cost of canoeing for half an hour is Rs 200 per person and the same charges are applicable for the pet.

Note: Not recommended for dogs that are not comfortable in water and haven’t swum before.



From Delhi to Sattal –  272 km

From Nainital to Sattal –  42 km

From Bhimtal to Sattal – 47 km

Pet-Friendly homestay near Sattal lake: