With temperatures soaring in the Capital, Thor and I decided to head to the hills to beat the heat and enjoy some space and solitude. With the help of CollarFolk we found this nice little home stay in the midst of hills and greenery and within driving distance from Delhi.

Here we were on the second day and Thor and I decided to take a walk and see where the road leads us. We hit upon one of the many lakes around Sattal. We reached out to our holiday manager at CollarFolk to see if we share any experiences together and as luck would have it, we were given an option to Canoe in the lake, together. Thor didn’t need any convincing. I, on the other hand was a little circumspect.

I reached the spot and identified the Canoe service provider and checked on whether it was safe and how deep the lake really was. All this while Thor wanted to dive right in, after all he did come along to beat the heat!

I was reassured that the lake was safe and Thor would don a life jacket as well.  Also there would be another canoe that would follow us closely for any assistance while on the water. We identified our canoe and had our gear on and took his place promptly on the canoe wondering why I was so slow. We were off quickly and all of a sudden we seemed to have truly left all the buzz and activity behind. The water was absolutely still reflecting the foliage from the surrounding hills. There was just the gentle breeze and the sound of my rowing for company. Time seemed to stand still and even my otherwise boisterous Thor seemed to pause to take it all it. Like I said, a pause only.  After a couple of minutes on the canoe with me he realised he wanted to play a more active role and so he decide to voluntarily slide into the water. Form a fully grown black lab he seemed to take on the role of a otter. With a flash he was fully in the water and swimming right beside the canoe. We had curious onlookers pointing and clicking away.

He was so comfortable in the water and the added fact that he had a tight life jacket on him had me relax and row at my own pace knowing he was right beside me as we did a few rounds around the lake.  It was clearly the highlight of our trip and something I would recommend all pet families to try if headed towards that neck of the woods.

That evening back at the home stay, Thor and I had such great stories and photographs to share with all. Back in Delhi, we can’t wait to head out at the next chance we get and try another experience together.

Thanks CollarFolk!