As the holiday season arrives, pet parents will take to the roads and skies for a pet-friendly holiday. Yes, some fantastic, full of adventure pet-friendly holidays!
Here’s a small list of things one needs to remember when traveling with your pet.

1. Clear your travel plan with the Vet
Let your vet know of your travel plans as well as whether you are traveling by rail, air or road. He may suggest a general check up for your pet depending on his/her age and medical condition if any. In addition, let him prescribe the constituents of a medical kit that you should carry.

2. Safety must be a priority
One should always keep in mind that pets are more curious when they are in new place. So make sure that they are not left unattended!

3. Bring everything you need
Make sure light food and munchies for your pet are handy. Carrying familiar toys will also help them to be more comfortable and make them feel at home.

4. Spruce up your car
First off, if you are traveling by road, make sure there’s enough space for your pet, this will ensure a smooth ride for you and them. Your car may get dirty from the shedding, food/water breaks and the occasional muddy paws, invest in an easy to wipe car seat cover that can be conveniently attached to any rear seat. We recommend the second one as it’s easier to clean, gets attached to the head rest and stays in place. Most importantly it gives that extra space by covering the leg space area. On the point on giving some extra space to your pet, another interesting product is a back-seat bridge/extender. This allows your pet to sprawl and gets some sleep in no matter how big he/she is.

5. Basic grooming products
You obviously don’t want to stop your pets from romping about when on holiday. Which means they will get messy. So carry a basic grooming kit, especially if you’re our kind of a pet family where your pet shares your bed 😉