Why the Challenge with Pets – Because our living spaces (housing complex, cities and towns) do not allow us and our pets to share and enjoy the freedom of open and safe spaces with natural elements. With limited open area our pets tend to be indoors for most part and remain yearning for some space and freedom to let loose and stretch their legs.


CollarFolk with Aquaterra present an opportunity for all pet parents an opportunity to come along and enjoy the natural wide open expanse along the Ganga, this Holi(long weekend) – The CollarFolk Aquaterra Challenge- a two stage race (hiking for 13kms and cycling for 6 kms) is set against the pristine backdrop of the Upper Ganga Valley. To put it simply- Let’s just have some fun!

The setting is the beautiful trail along the upper Gangetic Valley – a path originally frequented by pilgrims.



The challenge has the teams start atop the flowing river and through trails overlooking the valley. The hike is a distance of 13kms, at an average height of 450mtrs above sea level. Expect to finish this stretch within ~3.5 hours.



The cycling stretch is has a mix of uphill and down-hill portions totaling 6 kms.


Your team mate can be off leash for almost the entire course.

For backup and support the race marshals will be in the lead team and sweep team along with a vet.


We also have a renowned canine behaviorist, Adnan Khan.

At the end of this course we’ll have celebrations starting on the raft ride back to camp – with life jackets for pets included.

Our Cause:

Healthy pets are Happy pets. We believe our dogs are constant companions – our trail partners, cycling buddies, working partners.  Our pets complete our lives. Our relationship is strengthened and shaped by the adventures we share. We at CollarFolk, are committed to creating fresh and engaging opportunities to co-share experiences.


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