Dog Park at The Elephant Pond, is Bangalore’s First Private Off Leash Dog Park. It is located near Ragihalli, Banerghatta about an hour’s drive from Bangalore. It is a vast, open space amidst lush greenery offering complete silence and calm. The beautiful, green property is perfect to offer undisturbed family and Doggie time. It is spread over 10 acres with a dedicated 1 acre off leash area for your dogs to run, play and socialise with other dogs. We also have a natural pond for your dogs to swim. We wanted a place that is as close to nature as possible, so we are not an urban park. We wanted our dogs to rough it up a little and go home happy.

Dog park @ The Elephant Pond is ideal for:
1) Your Dog/s to be as close to nature as possible.
2) Pet Parties
3) Private Dog Events
4) Training Session with your Dog/s
5) Socialising with other Dogs
6) Dog related Seminars/Workshops
Come to the Dog Park at The Elephant Pond and let your dogs be dogs!


Free Leash Summers.

250/dog for a half day or 400/ dog for the full day.

The below included price includes free leash time at The Dog Park and usage of our natural pond for your furry friends to swim. This is the perfect time for them to come and beat the summer heat.

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