This is not just any vacation; it’s with your pet, it ought to be different. Booking a vacation is not the only thing you need to do when you are holidaying with your pet; there are other things which you should keep in mind.

  • The first thing to ponder over when travelling with your pet is whether he is comfortable with long drives or not. If he can travel long distances then you can explore the length and breadth of the country with him, but if he is not comfortable doing so, choose destinations under 100 kms from your location.
  • Should you go to the hills or a beach or a heritage city? Confused? Let your pet decide this for you! If he is a thick coated breed, he will be best suited to travel to the hills or colder places! But if he is short coated you could explore warmer climates too!
  • Taking your own transport or hiring one? If you are taking your own car make sure it has enough room, maybe a collapsible seat too.
  • Which resort or homestay to pick? Choose a resort keeping in mind the temperament of your pet. It’s best to choose a property with private open spaces if your pet wants space of his own and is not sociable. On the other hand, if he loves other pets & people, why not choose a property which has pets of its own and have a playmate for the trip!
  • You’re in Rome and can’t visit The Vatican? There are some activities and excursions which your pet cannot do along with you, be it visiting a holy temple or a monument. In such cases ensure you hire a pet-sitter who takes care of your pet in your absence. On a brighter note, there are some adventurous activities for which your pet can accompany you, for example why not trek with your pet up to the hills under expert supervision?
  • How many bags are you packing? +1 And lastly, don’t forget to pack for your pet! Do not forget to carry a poop scoop, extra towels, chewies, his favourite toys and other essentials.

Travelling with your pet will surely be more memorable than most other trips, just plan well!