For all those who have registered or are contemplating joining this fun and thrilling race, I commend you for your dedication and love and empathy towards your pet !

I am personally quite impressed with the way the event has been organised by the CollarFolk team  and fairly certain it will be extremely safe and fun for all.

Now coming to the main question:

“Will my dog be able to do it ? He has not been trained from a young age.”

Here are a few suggestions that can help with the conditioning and engagement with your canine.

  • Increase the exercise of your dogs gradually to cover somewhere close to the maximum distance required for the challenge 12-15km (average). That would mean you can break it into 3-4 small walks of around 3-4km within a span of 10 days of slow progression. You can add 500mtr daily to the original walk time.
  • Try and find different types of terrain for you and your dog to get used to. We have made a mini-hill at K9 School specifically for endurance and conditioning.
  • I focus a lot on my dog’s physical conditioning and try and provide multiple exercises for the same. Try and play tug with your dog regularly as well as hanging certain tug toys or tyre tubes at a height for them to work on their overall endurance.
  • Another method of resistance and travel training is a dog backpack on which you can add 10-25% of the dog’s body weight for them to have light yet consistent mental and physical stimulation.
  • Do not overwork your dog and remember to increase the duration and intensity very gradually day by day.
  • You may add further supplements to the dog’s diet to complement such endurance training (consult a vet or nutritionist for the same)

Feel free to get in touch with me or the K9 School team as well as use our facility for guidance or assistance on any of the above.

Have you registered for the event?

If not, go for it!

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