Getting There

Off we went with Thor who was kind enough volunteer to run the race. In return we felicitated him for coming first!


While we set out the estimated time was 4 hours plus. It is safe to assume a 6 hours’ drive with one long pit stop. We identified a pitstop point ~73 kms into the drive. It boasts of open space within and outside the compound to allow your pet to stretch his/her legs – Garden Resort


You have the option of Café Coffee Day(CCD) and Nathus to grab a bite and head out. Incase you want your stop to be a quick one, you could place an order with CCD (Garden Resort outlet) on this number(+91 88999 27683) to have it warm and ready when you get there.

Word of caution: Please do not let your pet off leash on the garden. There is a house dog that resides at the other end.

The road to destination is smooth for most of the distance and barring village traffic you could expect to make good time.

Please be careful of strays crossing the highway.

Here is Muzzy we saved while on our way to the recce. Muzzy hails from Muzzafarnagar and was hit by a speeding Innova ahead of us. We took onboard and rushed to the closest vet for treatment. Since then he has fully recovered and is up for adoption in Delhi


The Camp is 30 kms from Rishikesh and overlooks the mighty Ganga. The camp is at a height of ~530 mts.

Car parking will be available on the kerb and sides of the road in front of property.


Getting to camp will have you walk an uphill mud track with forest cover all around. If you are lucky, you might catch a glimpse of prancing deer in the morning along this path.

The property is broadly broken up into three sections; the open space, the dining and common seating space and the tent section. The tents are sufficient for two with split beds. Each tent have two electric sockets for charging and use of electronics.


We reached Camp in time for late evening snacks and dinner by the bonfire. All pets are required to be on leash post sun set.  The tens were comfortable and with the sound of the gushing river, sleep hit us even before we knew it.

The Race

The next morning we were off to the start point of the race. The drive to the start line takes ~30 mins. The race will commence atop a bridge over the river. We have a staggered start to give each team a clear 5 minute path to find their pace and rhythm. The first team will be out of the blocks at 7:00 AM.


The 13 km hike for most part had us walking above the river valley. The biggest challenge we faced was to maintain a rapid pace while wanting to stop at every turn to capture amazing photographs of the scenic view.


For most part we had Thor off leash. There are two or three villages that lie on the entire 20 km route. Signposts to alert the teams as they approach these villages will be setup.

For the course we carried a day pack that included some grub on the go for Thor (dry dog food pellets) and energy bars for us, a leash and a towel to wipe down Thor after the raft ride. I had one sipper between Thor and me and it proved to me a little difficult to manage till we hit the refill point. We expect the sun to be out early on the course in March.


The race includes a 15 mins compulsory halt at the transition point. We got to refill our sippers and had lunch on the go. For Thor, we had rotis and egg. During the race we will include high energy packed pet food as at the transition point.


The pit stop had our cycles ready to go. The cycling leg is a mix of mud road and tarred tarmac. While the uphills had me slow to a crawl with Thor wondering why I was so slow, the down hills and flats required me to be conscious of my speed to ensure Thor and I were together. Remember, the race requires the team to finish together.


At the end of the race we’ll have pick up vehicles to load your cycles and hop on with your pet for a two km downhill drive to the rafting point. I had Thor hop in while continued cycling alongside to the rafting point.


The rafting start point is a beach head with placid waters. We had Thor wear the regular human life jacket – which having used earlier works just fine on mid-sized breeds. Life jackets are compulsory for all.


For the race we’ll also have friends and family at the beach head to join you on the raft. You also have the option of getting on a Kayak with your pet if you find that comfortable. As part of the initiation on day one, we will have a session on rafting and kayaking.  On race day your pets will have K-9 life jackets( to don before they jump right in.

It is safe to have the dogs jump into the water if they so choose. We will have more than one raft and also have safety kayaks in the water for the rafting leg.

The raft ride is a downstream course of about ~17kms. It’s a well earned break for your team mates while you set your pace depending how determined you are to get back to camp to grab a bite !

See you on the start grid !

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