Dear Diary,

This is really getting out of hand now. This day was even worse than yesterday.

I felt like I would get a break from my morning duties since the kids are now home, but it’s a NIGHTMARE.
Let me give you a glimpse of what today was like.

So I woke up at around 7 or so to get started on my daily chores. I figured I would have the leisure to cook a nice, healthy breakfast that the kids can enjoy while it’s hot. I decided to make Idlis. Fortunately, it’s something both Bruno and the kids love.

While Bruno has already made a sloppy mess of the idlis he’s eaten while licking his face off, the kids are still asleep. At 10am. They even slept miraculously early yesterday. Would you believe it? How long can these little gremlins sleep for?

After 5 repetitions of “5 more minutes, Ma”, I lose it and splash water on their face. They grudgingly wake up, brush their teeth in a manner that would make our dentist very rich, and they head to the kitchen table as they scream “Maaa, what’s for breakfasst?”
Of course, they complain about the Idlis being cold, after waking up at 10am, but I want to keep my sanity, so I tell them to just eat it.

Alright, so my neighbour’s coming over! This will be a good chance to relax. Or so I thought. Bruno’s decided to make a mess of the entire house by knocking down yet another vase and ruffling all the sheets up by rolling over it. The kids promised that they would take care of him, but I am the one taking care of him now. (I knew it!)

So while I am trying to catch Sonic the Hedgehog from rampaging across the house, another war has broken out. Aryan wants to watch his Chinese Cartoons while Devika wants to drool over the new boy band. Since they are on the same slot, it’s turned into a bloodbath.
As always, I end up resolving the situation by telling them to watch the shows during each other’s commercials.

However, now that they are at the table having lunch, everything is resolved and “my cooking is boring”. No matter how much they fight, they always unite when it comes to complain about food. These goblins wants gourmet treatment like the pampered little morons they are.
Tired of all of this, I take a nap till 4. Surprisingly, the house is still quiet.

Of course, the peace is a myth. Just like the calm before the storm.

Aryan’s gone and fought again with the neighbour’s kid. He’s bruised up his face. Meanwhile, Devika’s going off to a party, wearing next to nothing. So in between treating Aryan’s wound and being a dutiful helicopter parent, my husband comes in. Of course, he’s brought chocolates.
Now the kids are jumping in joy and going on and on about how he’s the “BEST DAD EVEEER!”.
Cheh. He always makes me look bad in front of the kids.

Thankfully, they like dinner. Easy enough to make things “delicious” as long as you add enough butter to it.

But I am now completely exhausted. I need a break.
Honestly, I know that managing the kids and the pet is a full time job. But it would be really nice if I could just take a break from the same surroundings and travel a bit? But who will manage Bruno? I wish I could just take him along.

Okay, googling “pet friendly vacations in india”

Oh, what’s this? Collarfolk ? Seems interesting, let me check this out…