Here’s why we love the Indian Railways:

– Pets can travel with their family in the AC 1st class coupe.

Travel tip: book 4 confirmed tickets to ensure you are allotted a coupe and you have nothing to worry about

– It’s easy on the pocket – much cheaper than air travel or hiring a taxi, you pay a nominal amount for your pet basis his/her weight. For the Delhi to Mumbai Rajdhani you pay about Rs 700 for a dog Kiki’s size.

Travel Tip – Reach the station an hour in advance, show your confirmed tickets to the TT at the station masters room, get his signature, head to the parcel counter to pay for your pet, collect an invoice and board the train. That is it! 

– It is super comfortable – you have a private space where your pet can stretch on the carpeted floor or cuddle up with you on the berth. Large windows overlooking the Indian countryside usually keep your pet very engaged.

Travel Tip – request the service staff for some extra Rotis and Curd and you needn’t worry about food for your pet

– Nature’s Calls can be answered – Do not get worried about how your pet will relieve herself. Just find out the train stops that are for 10 minutes or longer, step out on the platform and walk towards the tracks.

Travel Tip – Since the AC 1st coach is usually the first/last coach, you can easily walk down from the platform.
Hope these tips would help. Go on, and plan a travel through the Indian Railways.