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An active pet is a healthy pet. Tractive motion monitors your pet’s activity and keeps them active all day long.
With Tractive MOTION, you can set a daily goal of Pet Points, that are calculated by taking into account steps, movements, playtime and additional information provided by the sensors. Also take into account your pets breed and size and how much exercise it needs daily. The Motion also measures ambient temperature, so you know if environmental factors are affecting your pet.
Aside from a motion detection sensor, MOTION also uses an accelerometer, a temperature sensor and a brightness sensor to monitor your pet’s behaviour. Through an integrated high-resolution display, you can view Pet Points for the day and check progress towards the daily goal.
Information displayed is easily understandable and you can manage multiple pets with MOTION devices in the app. Tractive MOTION uses Bluetooth 4.0 to sync wirelessly to your smartphone. The app promotes healthy and active pets with achievements and shows your pets worldwide activity rank.
The device can be paired with motion tracker apps for IOS, Android and Windows Phones.
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