The concept of Pet Friendly Vacations in India is still unchartered territory in the minds of people.
While a lot of pet parents are opening up to the idea, a lot of hotels are still reluctant to do so.
The first image that pops up in their mind is a dog that will be a nuisance to all the other guests.
It’s unfortunate that they feel so, since this can be a very lucrative market.

However, a few people in India opened up to this idea and in fact, built their business over it.
Our guest today owns one of the most successful pet-friendly hotels in North India.

Colonial Homestay in Bhimtal

We would like to welcome Sumith Dutta.

Collarfolk : Good to see you here Sumit

Sumit : Same here, Rishi.

Collarfolk : What inspired you to get involved in the Holiday Business, Sumith?

Sumith : The tourism industry has tremendous potential and I wanted to be a part of it.

Collarfolk : Your property has been a pioneer in the ‘pet friendly’ space – how did you chance upon the idea, what’s the story behind it?

Sumith : We are genuinely fond of pets . Since the time I can  remember we always had pets at home .

When we were constructing ET in  2007 a pup walked into the property from no where . Her name is Rusi and to this day, she lives with us at our property. It was as if this property was destined for pets. She is like our brand ambassador!



Collarfolk : What are the pros and cons of being a Pet Friendly Hotel in India?

Sumith : I have not seriously evaluated pros & cons. I know there are no cons .

But I know this, it is a great responsibility to take care of them and ensure they have a blast. If you read our reviews, you will find that so far we have done justice to that. Because we take their visit very seriously.

Collarfolk : How would you advise property owners to make their place pet friendly?

Sumith : I think if a property is ‘ pet friendly ‘ then they should not have any kind of restriction on their movement. There should be a lot of open space for the pet to play in.


Collarfolk : According to you, what are the things people should consider when travelling with their pets to a pet friendly property?

Sumith : I think ‘space ‘ within the property should be one the main considerations . Because in the city they live there lives within the four walls of the house . They should probe for any hidden restrictions.

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