A pet is part of one’s home. Just like we need a break from our surroundings from time to time, so do they! And they really appreciate it!

Thanks to CollarFolk, my family (Dexter included) and I recently won the #BestTripEver contest and got a free holiday at the Taj Gateway resort and we loved it.

This Resort is an extremely pet-friendly holiday destination. The minute we arrived, Dexter decided he wanted to crap in their garden. The staff was extremely understanding and had it cleaned right away, without making a fuss about it. There was plenty of lush green open space for Dexter to run around and play in and he absolutely loved it. The resort had a lot of activities for us humans as well from a recreational centre with table tennis and Foosball, to a swimming pool, a gym, a mini golf course and a spa! The resort was also equipped with a facility for its guests to partake in certain adventure sports activities like zip climbing etc.

The food at the resort was fabulous! There was a lavish buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The chef personally asked us exactly what Dexter eats and how he likes his food. Dexter’s food was sent to our room on time, each time. Along with great food each time, we also got great service.

This turned out to be a surprisingly awesome experience that just makes us want to go again on a trip through CollarFolk. I’m sure Dexter would agree!