As vacationers we tend to always ask “when’s the best time to visit?”. The answer to this question more often than note is based on the location vs the traveler asking this question.  When traveling with your pet the best time to travel to a location is as crucial as having the peace of mind that comes with a vacation. Now, that is definitely at risk during peak tourist season anywhere!

Here are 5 reasons why the Off Season is a perfect time to hit the vacation trail and spend some quality time with your pet.

All is yours!

Properties and tourist locations tend to witness a fraction of the guests they get to see during season. This would mean you are likely to feel like you own the property or the town you visit for just the price of a room night.  You and your pet can truly have a relaxed time exploring the town and the property without having to keep a look out constantly.

Pet friendly transport

Just as resorts and hotels are busy during peak season so are the taxis and vehicle hires completely sold out during then.  Finding a pet friendly taxi or vehicle is next to impossible. Why run the risk of being confined to your property. Visit during off season you’ll have available options at your door step, be it pet friendly transport or even other services such as pet sitters!

The weather

All our cities are in the plains and tend to witness the wrath of the summer. Most pets, especially our dogs tend to be better suited for cooler climes. Hitting the hills during off season may just be the perfect winter holiday! Watch your pet play fetch in the snow or sit beside you by the fire place as you enjoy a cozy holiday up in the hills later this year! It could look something like this:

Center of attention!

You may have the patience to deal with waiting for service during peak season, but your pet may not.  A better bet would be head to your favourite resort during off-peak season and realise that you have pretty much all the staff and the property to yourself!

Deals Galore!

Let’s face it; we all tend to look for a good deal when choosing to go on a vacation. No better time than offseason for you visit places and stay at the best properties while remaining well within your budget. Taking your pet along won’t mean a hole in your pocket.

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