Have you dreamed of running the shore line with Fido while the majestic waves foam at your feet?

As far as memory serves me, I have wanted to holiday with my pets at a quaint beach resort – the imagery is vivid, my crazy boxers chasing the waves, peals of laughter while playing catch with them in water, swimming together along the coast line, lazing in the warm sun and wet sand, sleeping to the sound of the sea…Now that would be the perfect holiday!

But the moment you try to turn this dream into reality, a long list of unknowns and questions stare back at you.

First, I live in Delhi, how do I get to a beach town? Flight is a no go, not going to put my dog in a crate in the cargo hold, the drive will be too arduous, you’re looking at a minimum of 20 hours, train is a possibility, but not sure about the process and permissions.

Second, say I do manage to get there, how do I find resorts that allow pets? In fact, let me rephrase, how do I find resorts that welcome pets? There’s a difference you see. I don’t want to be told that my pet will not be allowed in my room, that open areas are not accessible, that I can make use of the private beach only at odd hours. Not saying that my pet should be a nuisance to other guests, just that being in a pet friendly environment really helps. Cooperative staff, maybe even pets of their own at the property, smiling housekeeping teams, pet friendly open spaces and the list can go on and on.

So where does one start when planning a trip with their pet?

Time for some answers…

CollarFolk is a pet friendly travel website where you can book verified pet friendly resorts / hotels/ homestays for that vacation with your pet. In addition, one can also get assistance in making travel arrangements via CollarFolk, be it an AC 1st train ride or pet friendly taxi services.

Imagine the beauty of browsing through gorgeous holiday destinations and properties without once stopping to wonder whether they allow pets, wait.. Whether they “welcome pets”. Making a phone call to realize that pet friendly taxi services do exist and are available to go out of town with your dog.

It’s a wonderful feeling, being able to focus on “the fun I’m going to have on this vacation with my pet” rather than “how on earth will I make it happen”

Give it a try.