Travelling with your Pet is a concept that’s yet to become mainstream in India. Understandably, for the service providers too (resorts, hotels and other formats) it is uncharted territory. The term “Pet Friendly” tends to be limited to a check-box in a few portals with little or no standardisation and no verification approach. Peace of mind in the form of service assurance will go a long way in helping this space evolve and grow.

We, at CollarFolk, believe the responsibility rests with us as serious players and early movers in this space to help this concept grow and develop to be as common and accepted as possible while enabling increased possibilities of shared experiences with your Pet beyond the four walls of your home.

Properties listed on the website are verified and checked for suitability and some of the key factors that are considered include:

1. The Management
Yes, it does seem misplaced that while rating a property as Pet Friendly, the management team at the property happen to be point number one. Out of experience and real life examples we have learnt that the management at any property is one of the most critical factors in making the place Pet Friendly. A cordial staff who understand the needs of the Pet and the Pet family are in control and welcoming go a long way in putting the Pet family and in turn the Pet at ease. Any sense of alienation of the holidayers or unrealistic restrictions by the staff will turn any holiday into a one that you’d want to cut short and head back. Also tested is the ability of the staff to handle other guests while hosting a Pet and his/her family.

The attitude and approach tends to flow from the top. With the owner and the top management being open to hosting Pets helps immensely. We at CollarFolk attempt to reach out to the senior management for a discussion before considering the property to be Pet Friendly. We also then have multiple rounds of discussions with the reception and on ground staff and manager to ensure that everyone is on the same page and are mentally open and accepting of hosting Pet families once they are listed on CollarFolk

2. The Property

Most Pet families looking to travel for Pet Friendly Holidays tend to look for change from routine lives for themselves as well as their Pets. Coming from the city, open spaces and greens are highly preferred. The ability to relax and be rest assured that your Pet is safe without you having to constantly tug at the leash makes the holiday truly hassle free. In some cases, we suggest preferred rooms that the staff could consider while allocation. The rooms could be ones on the ground floor or ones closer to open spaces and access areas that open up into the lawns. We suggest rooms a little further from the more frequented lobby and dining spaces at the property. Small things kept in mind at the time of allocation and during the stay can make most properties conducive to a holiday with your Pet.

3. Add ons

These may seem as minor details but ask any Pet parent and they’ll tell you how something of these things may swing their decision to go on a holiday with their Pet. Factors range from availability of Pet food, vet on call, Pet sitter incase the family wants to step out for a bit without their Pet, Pet access to the dining spaces, Pet Friendly pool to carpeting or carpet free rooms to allow the Pets to lie on the floor without getting uncomfortable for both the family and the Pet are verified. We have a curated list of items that we have managed to carefully put together basis international standards, our own experience and feedback from travellers and hotel guests. This list will continue to evolve and become richer and more importantly tune itself to local needs with more travellers opting to travel with their Pets.

4. Shared Experiences

These make holidaying with your Pet truly fun filled during when you would want your camera handy. This factor segregates a property that is Pet Friendly vs those that are Pet Welcoming. They make holidays fun for both, the Pet and his/her family. Additionally, this largely eliminates the need for worrying about leaving your Pet behind when you indulge in the sites and sounds around your holiday destination. These experiences range from simple walking trails that you can take him along on, to over night camping, trekking trips, lake or river swimming and even rafting and zip-lining. In some of the more adventurous options, the service provider has the appropriate gear and the experience to handle and take control of any difficult situation that you or your Pet may encounter but more often than not you would walk away from it wanting to extend your holiday just a little longer.

5. Reviews and Feedback

Like in any other space, genuine user reviews are invaluable. Imagine yourself considering to step out during the next long weekend with your Pet, what better way to assess the suitability of a location than to hear from people who have been there and done that. Our verification and rating mechanism for properties also take this key component into consideration. With that being the case, it is absolutely crucial to leave behind reviews and rating to help yourself and help fellow travellers with their Pet to have a safe and fun filled holiday. Share the happiness, take him along for your next holiday, and leave a review!

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