Do you love running around with your pet, chasing each other, enjoying the great outdoors and can’t bear to be separated from the little one anyhow? Now, you don’t have to leave him behind when you go on vacation.

For most of us, our pets are happy little bundles of limitless energy. They love playing above all else, and are happiest when they have the chance to run around freely with nothing to worry about. Life in the city, sadly, doesn’t give them many such opportunities. There are few open spaces that allow pets to be taken off the leash. Most of our pets spend their lives in the same houses, without the chance to go out and loll around in the sunshine or splash about in the rain as often as they would like.

But now, this is changing. Pet friendly hotels and resorts offer vast open spaces where your pets can run around freely, without any concerns. You can easily pass many happy days in these places. Relax or have a picnic in the shade of a tree, while your adorable pet has all the time in the world to roll around in the grass, examine flowers, chase butterflies, dig holes in the dirt, or just run around madly out of sheer excitement.

Pet-friendly hotels and resorts offer you the chance to have a hassle-free vacation, in a beautiful location and in the lap of luxury. These vacations can provide you some much needed relief from the stresses of everyday life, while putting the spark back in your pet’s mundane and predictable life. We promise that you will have many amazing memories to take home with you by the time you have to leave.

Check out some of the best pet-friendly resorts you can head to—in spectacular destinations like Nainital, Ooty, Kodaikanal, Alibaug, Goa, Jaipur, Mumbai and Pune—and start planning your vacation today. Get a travel tag for your pet’s collar, get set and go!

A home away from home

Your pets deserve to be well taken care of, no matter where they are. Now, there are pet-friendly hotels and resorts that promise just that. Your pets can get their own television, piped music, home-cooked food and custom playing options. Sounds wonderful? We think so too! These resorts are built to suit the comfort, personality and behaviour of individual pets. Everything you could think of has been taken care of, leaving pet owners not a single reason to complain.

In the lap of luxury

Anything you could expect from a five star hotel is now available for your pet too. Pet resorts provide all the amenities you and your pets could ever dream of. Love to spoil your pets? Splurge on luxurious pet beds, toys, rugs, kennels, manicured lawns as well as lavish food and pet-sitting arrangements for your pets. Now, your furry friends have it all.

Nature’s beauty

Pet-friendly resorts in Ooty, Shimla, Mussorie and Manali are sure to sweep you off your feet with their dazzling beauty. You and your pets can wake up to the chirping of the birds, cool breeze and pleasant smell of pine trees. Lounge at the full-fledged restaurants on the hotel properties, and laze on wooden sun decks as you and your pet enjoy the splendid sunrise and sunset. You will be surprised by the amazing experience that these places offer. Co-operative and pet-friendly drivers,

Sun, sand and surf

Can you picture running along the shoreline with your pet, with that broad smile on your face? Can you see the joy in your pet’s excited, panting face? It’ll be hard for you to contain your excitement at the famous pet resorts located in Pune, Alibaug, Goa and Daman. Beaches have always been dream places for pets, especially dogs, who tend to love water. Splash about in the waves as much as you like with your pets! We promise you’ll never want to come back inside.

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