With the Thermometer climbing steadily, you find yourself in a hurry to find a spot with some shade. Meanwhile your pet is panting away to a point where they can swim in their own drool. While Global warming may have taken away the comfort from several cities in India, there are some places that are yet to be affected by the heat.
We at Collarfolk took the time to create a list of the best places you and your fuzzy friend could visit this summer.

A Lake Side Resort in Nainital

1Have you ever been to a property just for the gorgeous view? Well, every nook and cranny of this little slice of paradise faces the Naukuchiatal Lake, an hour away from Nainital. The oak and pine forest serve as a very relaxing backdrop for this lush property.
Of course, where’s there a water body, there are silly “hoomans” with their goofy canoes and tiny boats. Be sure to take a ride (and re-enact the Titanic scene with your pet, if that’s your thing). Or if you and your pet love swimming, you can take a dip in this beautiful lake.

Lake resort in Lonavala


A vacation with your entire family is a completely different experience. From the pillow fights between cousins to being scolded by your Uncle for the “sweets that vanished”, nothing can really match the experience of a happy family coming together.
To bring together this very family tree (with more “branches” than SBI), we would highly recommend the Lake Resort in Lonavala. Situated in this cozy hill station adjacent to the Pawna lake, it’s only an hour away from Pune. You can book the resort for a few days and relax as your bonds with your family grow deeper.
After all, blood (and fur) is thicker than water.

A boutique homestay in Diveagarh


Not a fan of places where a lot of tourists gather up? No problem. We have you covered.

A boutique homestay in Diveagarh is the ideal location for someone who’s looking for a quiet family stay near the beaches.
The quaint beaches of Diveagarh lull you into a sense of tranquil serenity as the waves crash on the shores of the Arabian Sea. With beautiful beaches and very affordable accomodation options, this location is a favorite for the tourists who want to to travel just to escape the hustle and bustle of a city.
If you’re not the kind who wants to let his pet anywhere near the sea, there’s also a pet friendly pool you can use at this property!

The best part? It’s just a few hours away from the one and only, Aaamchi Mumbaai!

Home Stay in Kasauli


As you wind up after a serene drive through the valleys of Himachal Pradesh, you are welcomed with a warm, cozy cottage that boasts of delicious food and a lot of open area fo your pet to play around in. This property is one of the most pet friendly properties we have on our website.

Did we mention that the people who visited this property absolutly loved it?
Kasauli is a hill station that boasts of extraordinary greenery, exotic landscapes and pleasant weather, making it ideal for vacations with your pet.

Hidden Retreat in Hosur


A list of pet friendly stays would be incomplete without mentioning this gem. Hosur is a quiet town located in the heart of a valley in Tamil Nadu, everything about this property from it’s pet friendly pool and pond (Yes, a pond) to the meals they serve – is pet friendly.

(I’d say they would serve only pets if they could use credit cards!)

The two hour drive from Bangalore makes this an ideal retreat for the weekend for those who can’t handle yet another day of traffic.

Homestay in Wellington


Wellington is a place that offers you a glimpse back into time. What serves as a training ground for our brave Indian Armed Forces has also turned into a quaint tourist spot for those who wish to take a break from their travel to Ooty.This beautiful homestay is coddled between the Sholas (reserve forest) and their private tea gardens. This is a private cottage with really large bedrooms (kitchenettes equipped) and a large private garden, all of which makes it ideal for a family with kids and pets.

In addition, The owners personally see to it that every guest of theirs enjoys their stay, making it an ideal stay for those who want to unwind from a hectic week.

Adventure Camp in Rishikesh


Finally, in our list of unique properties, we have saved the best for the last.
For us, nothing was more unique than our experience in this lovely camp property. The camp overlooks the Rishikesh river, and she titilates all those who pass by to take a swim.
The team at this place are some of the most magnanimous people you will have the pleasure to meet.

Also, did you know that they are one of the few rafting organizers that allow for pets to travel with them?
As proof of how awesome an experience like that is, we hosted Asia’ s first Triathlon event involving pets at this very location. Every single participant was very happy with their experience. But we don’t need to go gaga over this. You can check out the photos below!

                                                                                     What a gorgeous view!
                            Silly hooman, I am not interested in this view. Let’s do something we both will enjoy!


                                                                                Now THAT’s more like it!


That’s it from our side! Let us know if you wish to visit any of these places or have some other suggestion.