Most people have heard of dog sledding, but skijoring is a winter dog sport that isn’t as widely known. As described by The Midwest Skijorers Club, “Skijoring is a winter sport which combines cross-country skiing with dog power. The skier skis while the dog pulls and takes voice commands. The skier is attached to their dog with a belt and towline and skis while the dog pulls in a sleddog/skijor harness.”


Bonus: skis and harnesses are a little more reasonable purchases than a dog sled (or a team of sled dogs…)

Skijoring can be traced back hundreds of years to the Norwegians. They started by using horses, elk or reindeer to pull them on skis. But, when the concept spread to Alaska, people began using dogs instead.

The best part, both pet and owner alike get a good workout! Sure, you could just go for a walk or run, but this is a sure-fire way to cheer up that winter drear. If it’s going to snow, you (and your pet) might as well take advantage of it!



In states that are more used to snow, trails are groomed for skijoring. In many places, this probably isn’t an option, but, that doesn’t mean you can’t head to your local snow-covered park and give it a try!