It may sound simple, you leash your pet and you take him for a walk. But you may be surprised at how many people end up injuring themselves while walking their pet. In fact, the Journal of Safety Research shows that dogs and cats contribute to injuries that send an estimated 87,000 people to emergency rooms every year. And this number is considered low, since many people do not seek medical attention.

Wrapping Leash around Wrist

Wrapping the leash around your wrist is a great way to make sure your dog does not get away from you. It is also a great way to get injured should your dog bolt.


Multiple Leashes

Using more than one leash to walk multiple dogs is asking to be tripped. They weave in and out of each other, around your legs, and get all tangled. Use a coupler instead.

Using phone while walking

People distracted by phone while walking the dog trips over dog leashand hurt themselves or worse let their beloved dog get hurt in an accident.

Not letting go

None of us want to lose your dog. But, if your 100lb dog goes after a squirrel and you hang on, you may end up in the Emergency Room (and you will have let go of the leash eventually, so the dog will get away anyway). The safer thing to do is use a head harness or front-clip harness to help curb the pulling.


Never Let Your Dog Approach Another Dog Without the Owner’s Permission

Dogs have a huge range of personalities, and you can never predict how they will react to an unknown dog. And leashes have a way of mounting tensions. Few things are worse than an impromptu dog fight.

Never Leave Dog Park Gates Open

While entering or exiting a double-gated dog park, make sure not to open one gate as someone is opening the other, or you might be faced by a herd of escaping dogs, and their panicked owners.

Watching your dog

Of course, you want to keep an eye on your dog. But how many times have you been so engrossed in training, watching, or talking to your dog that you look up to find yourself just inches from a post, tree, fire hydrant, etc.? Be sure to watch where you are going.

Source: Dyroms