In Conversation with the Expert!

Rashee Kuchroo, founder of Doggie Dabbas shares some tips for a holiday with your pet.

Here are her recommendations:

1. For long car journeys feed your dog small light meals. Preferably curd and nothing heavy before you start your journey.

2. Make sure you have anti-anxiety & motion sickness meds. Your vet will be able to guide you.

3. Try to strap your dog in with a seatbelt. This keeps your dog safe incase of any unforeseen circumstance & dogs that are strapped down are less likely to feel motion sickness.

4. Take plenty of snacks for the journey more than ‘meals’. For example, our Chicken Jerky product would be great to travel with. It gives an immediate protein boost and keeps energy levels up without making the dog feel super full.

5. Try to carry the food you are currently giving. Dogs do not react well to sudden changes in food. In a new place its best to stick to the food that they are used to. I know many places now have ‘dog menus’ but again give these as maybe a snack but meal times should be something known. Any sudden changes may cause an upset tummy and thats the last thing you want if you have to travel with your dog.

6. First Aid Kit – Should contain meds for – Diarrhoea, Vomiting, Constipation, Anxiety, Motion Sickness, Minor cuts, Arnica (Homeopathic pain relief)

7. If in the car remember to stop every 2-3 hours and let your dog out of the car for 5-10 mins. Just a very short refreshing stop.

8. For the train – Its best to feed your dog Curd 2-3 hours before you travel. Then for the train journey stick to light snacks.

9. Water is also very important but just think of how often you will be able to let your dog relieve himself and regulate the water intake accordingly.

10. Last but not the least – Take their bed, favourite toys, grooming accessories & a sweater and your good to go!

Always remember your dog will take off your energy, if you are anxious about the trip even he will be. So relax and have a good holiday with your pet! You both deserve it!!