The temperatures across India have been soaring and there is no respite in sight. As we look up a long and hot summer, here are few things to keep in mind while traveling with your pet this season.

A simple thumb rule is to add at least 5 degrees to how hot we feel at any given time during the day to get a sense of how hot our pets are feeling. Couple that with the fact that their approach to sweating is panting and increased blood circulation through their ears, it makes for a discomforting situation.

 1. Try to get away from the hot and dusty plains – Head to the hills for a weekend with your pet

A short break to the nearby hill station is always welcome. A break from routine and a good way to escape the heat; you will invariably notice the weather improving as you approach your destination making it suitable for you to roll those windows down and let your buddy take in the fresh and cool breeze.

2.Pit Stops – Mindful of the road surface when you take a pit stop

We tend to gauge the outside temperature but rarely do we have a sense of the ground temperature. Bitum /tar and concrete, which constitute most of our highways and roads gets way hotter than the outside temperature. Stopping to take your pet out for quick break on such a surface well into the day will have him/her in all sorts of discomfort and prolonged contact may cause damage to their paws.  Save your pet and yourself the trouble.

An alternative is to look for grassy patches or else sand or mud filled spaces which tend to not absorb the heat that quickly.  Shaded areas are always preferable.

 3. Ice Ice Baby

In case your journey is more than a couple of hours or involved being on the road during peak temperatures during the day, sharing some ice from the ice box for your beverage may not be a bad idea.  Dropping the ice into the water bowl is one way of offering a cool break to your pet. Suggest you do this during a pit stop or else it is likely to result in ice and water games in the car!

You can also get your hands on a travel water dispenser for your furry friend incase you are happy to serve on the go and find water/food bowls to be a bulky extra.

 4. Cottons for Summer

Just as in the case of humans, pets also change their fabric preference with season. During summers placing a thin layer of cotton sheet on the seat may not be a bad idea while travelling. Seat cover fabric in most cases are not the most comfortable for long journeys during summer, especially when you have direct contact with it like your pet would for the duration of the drive.

 5. Pet friendly pools

Most dogs love water and a large proportion are natural swimmers. A clever option to beat the heat this summer is to hit locations with pet friendly pools. Yes, you heard it right! Swimming pools that allow pets!  There are café in outskirts of Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore that offer this option. There are also a select few resorts that open their pool to pets. No better way  to waddle in the pool to bring the temperature down and having some fun while at the same time !