Kids and pets can go easy and affectionate with each other. With constant supervision, as Bolopets hints, it makes the mutual indulgence between the kid and the pet, pretty and wonderful.

Here are some tips:

  • Teach your child the signs & signals of your pet. Dogs make amazing pets as they express well.
  • A gentle touch is must, especially when you bring small pets at home. Handling a pet is an essential part for your kid to be a good human being.
  • Let your child spend sometime with your pet, teach your kid the art of interaction.
  • Be remain calm & cool while dealing with your pets and kids together.
  • Talk to your pet in a calm and normal voice, petting and stroking him for reassurance. All this in front of your kid, so that he can also start loving him the way you do.
  • Teach your kid, do not interrupt when your pet is eating.
  • Teach compassion to your child telling the fact that they too have feelings and are not just mere dependent on thirst and hunger.
  • If your kid doesn’t spend time with your pet, don’t force him but make him understand how would you feel if your friends, neighbors or parents start ignoring you?\

These tips are good to go, but don’t overlook the fact that no matter how nicely you are training your kid to be your pet’s best friend. Constant supervision is a must.

Credits: Bolopets