Winter is fast approaching and there are plenty of ways to celebrate this season. Venture out into the cold with your canine friend for an adventurous experience. Snowshoeing, Cross-country skiing on pet-friendly  trails or the popular sport of skijoring you name it, these 10 dog breeds are equipped with natural thick double coats, extra layers of fat, and thick pads on their paws that make them your perfect wingman this winter. If you are planning your next winter adventure don’t leave your best friend behind #TakeThemAlong.

Chow Chow


Chow Chow is a sturdily built dog having a broad skull. It has a lion like mane that has a dense double coat which helps it to thrive in the snowy regions. Chow Chow combines the nobility of a lion and drollness of a panda. If you’re looking for a cuddle buddy this isn’t the breed for you. By nature they are highly territorial and protective of their family. Earlier used by Mongolian tribes in China as a hunting and as temple guards.

Unique physical feature is its blue-black tongue. With a life span of 10 years it’s a loyal guardian for your household.

Siberian Husky


From origins of Siberia, Husky is well known for its unique markings and multi-coloured eyes. These medium size working dogs possess both power and athleticism. 12 years is their life expectancy. As they are wild and have a wandering nature they need to be trained from young. Howling is what they prefer to braking and score low as watchdogs but are true gentle giants. They are used as sledge dogs in many parts of the world

Huskies have a dense undercoat that protects them from the arctic weather. For additional warmth they use their heavily furred tail as a mask while sleeping. Taking hikes or going for a walk is something these dogs love doing all year around.






Collies are herding dogs originating from Scotland. Known for being playful and gentle, they makes an excellent companion for children. Collie have a full coat that keeps them warm and cozy even in the harshest of  temperatures. Nowadays they are pampered pets rather than an all-around farm dogs. Ears of these dogs can be erect, semi-erect or fully dropped. They have a narrow mouth with pale nose.

Collies comes in two coat lengths and many striking colours, which requires regular brushing to keep them tangle free. People of Scotland consider them  as an ideal breed to have as a pet. Collies usually live around twelve to fourteen years and are one among the intelligent dog breeds available in the world.

Saint Bernard


Saint Bernard is a giant, muscular dog with an average weight that ranges between 65 and 120 kg. Its feet are strong with well arched toes. The long tail is broad and powerful at the base, held low when the dog is relaxed. The coat of this breed is very dense and comes in white markings. Grooming these dogs is  as easy as a walking in the park.

They are used by the Hospice, refuge for travellers through the dangerous Alpine pass between Switzerland and Italy. The Saint Bernard is a good watch dog.



Originally bred to hunt, haul sledges, and herd reindeer. Samoyed is a breed of dog that takes its name from the Samoyedic peoples of Siberia who bred them for herding. Most will bark to announce visitors, but that’s the extent of their guarding inclination. They are large and “spitz-like”  prick ears, foxy face, thick coat, and curled tail.

This cotton candy look alike dog is as sweet as it looks, with a glass half full attitude towards the people they lives with. But can be tad destructive when left alone.

Gorgeous as it is, it howls when excited and barks to show discomfort. It enjoys winter sports like sledding or skijoring.

Tibetan Terrier


The good-natured Tibetan Terrier is lively and playful, yet also calm and low-key breed. These shaggy, medium sized dogs were are said to bring good luck, so they were never sold but only given as gifts or thanks for favor. Like all dogs they thrive on companionship of humans thus they excel as therapy dogs. They are not very active dogs but are good watchdogs. Tibetan Terrier are the kind of dogs that adapt to any kind of household.

They have very distinctive physical features that make  has made then a local favourite. The tail is set high, well-feathered, and carried in a curl over the back. One of the more unusual features of the Tibetan Terrier is their broad, flat feet with hair between the toes, which are ideal for climbing mountains, acting as natural snow shoes. The coat of the Tibetan terrier requires regular grooming to prevent tangles from forming. This coat helps the Tibetan terrier withstand temperatures as low as -50 °C for prolonged periods of time.



Great Pyrenees


Great Pyrenees is a large breed of dog used in North America  as a livestock guardian dog.

They weigh upto (39–64 kg) on average and have a lifespan is 10 to 11 years. The weather resistant double coat consists of a long, flat, thick, outer coat of coarse hair, straight or slightly undulating, and lying over a dense, fine, woolly undercoat. As Great Pyrenees mature, their coats grow thicker.

It is a confident affectionate dog which is very protective and territorial in nature. Its big build makes it a good guardian for patrolling and protecting the livestock. Everyone who lives with a Pyrenees should have a set of ear plugs. He barks a lot, because that’s his job. He’ll vocalise loudly to ward off pesky intruders, and he’s got a broad definition of intruders.



Large powerful and alert with an intimidating presence Akita origins from Japan.It is a dog mainly used   for hunting. It has a life span of 12 years.The Akita is an unpredictable dog and training it can be a challenge. It doesn’t bark for no reason but it is said to be very vocal, making amusing grunts, moans, and mumbles. Another Akita’s singular traits is mouthing. It loves to carry things around.

It grooms itself like a cat and attacks it’s pray like a tiger, these are strange traits for a dog but this is what makes it a good companion for a hunter.It needs to be trained when it is small or else it can grow into a disobedient dog . It is not a lapdog or a dog for first time dog owners. It is a very aggressive dog that will chase other pets in the house.

German Shepherd


German Shepherd  is a large-sized working dog that originated in Germany originally for herding sheep. 14 years is its life expectancy. The standard weight is 30–40 kilograms, ears are large and stand erect. Its one among the top 10 dog breeds in the world. German Shepherds have a two-layer coat which is close and dense with a thick undercoat. They can survive in cold places as well as the warm regions of the world.

Moderately active they are known to be one of the best watchdogs. They are used for search and rescue mission, detecting bombs, etc. They become over-protective of their family and territory and can be very aggressive with strangers.

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog


These breed  of dogs where developed in the Swiss Alps. The breed is large and heavy-boned with great physical strength, but is still agile enough to perform all the  farm duties. It has a double coat to keep its body temperature warm. It has a life span of 9 years. Great Swiss Mountain Dogs vibrant colour patches  and strong built has made it a locals favourite.

Swissy as the locals call it is a all-rounder dog, which is very loving and loyal. It is a working active dog that can be a good companion for trekking and other sports activities. Its comes in the large dog category and is not suited for apartments. It is prone to overheating thus it needs to be brought up in cool environment with a lot of open space.